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D&D at B&B: 11th Level Adventure

Join us for D&D at B&B on Sunday June 9th 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM for an all day adventure for 11th level players!

Giants have been raiding civilized lands in bands, with giants of different sorts in these marauding groups. Death & destruction have been laid heavily upon every place these monsters have visited. This has caused great anger in high places, for life & property loss means failure of the vows of noble rulers to protect the life & goods of each & every subject — & possible lean times for the rulers as well as the ruled. Therefore, a party of the bravest & most powerful adventurers has been assembled & given the charge to punish the miscreant giants. Characters whose homes lay in the devastated land probably need little more motivation to face their oppressors.


This is a 11th level character adventure using the standard point buy for stats , along with the Player’s Handbook & Xanathar’s Guide to Everything for character building. It is a scenario run by one our DM Ambassadors, Chris, mix of roll-playing & role-playing & will not be easy. This is for experienced D&D players only & players must show up with their characters ready to play.

**There are only 4 seats available & $5.00 to join the adventure, so call us quickly at 518-948-6693 to reserve your spot!

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