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Galaxy Takers: One Shot!

Date: Saturday September 21st

Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Cost: $10.00 per person

BYO Character: No. Pregenerated characters will be provided to select from

# of Spots: 6

Experience?: Beginners & seasoned RPG players both welcome! The game is designed to be simple to play & Rachel will guide you along the way as necessary.


A ragtag group of mercenaries are assembled by AlphaSoft for a mission to the Kaledo system. Things are not exactly right on every world of the system. Shifting tidal forces, illogical orbits, and a bunch of new space stations and colonies popping up in minutes or hours.

Play a jaded magical girl who’s seen too much, a horrifyingly cute creature with checkered past, a brash know-nothing bounty hunter with style, or a imperial princess with nature-tech powers. Will you be able to save the system? Save the galaxy?!

Galaxy Takers is a new roleplaying game The system heavily inspired by anime of the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi Universe, Outlaw Star, and Space Dandy. The game is light on rules, with clear actions and skills and heavy on improvisation.



Galaxy Takers runs on a custom D6 system created by the very person running it. The game is meant to be lighter and emphasize dialog and spectacle, over strategy. The system is designed with quick combat and quick wit to mimic the madcap antics of the sci-fi anime that inspires the setting!



Rachel Reilly is local game designer always tinkering with new projects. She spent 5 years forging her Dungeon Mastering skills in the fires of D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder. Then, she decided to take a different path, seeking out lighter systems to better suit her improvisational and setting heavy style. Rachel's first game, Flipology is being published this year and she's hoping to compile Galaxy Takers into a full roleplaying game!

**Bard & Baker will still be open to the public during this time frame for regular board gaming

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