International Tabletop Day

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How was everyone's International Tabletop Day yesterday?

We sure wish that our doors were already open, but we hope that you all get a chance to play some games! We got in the spirit of things by officially starting our social media campaign for Bard & Baker. Starting today, you will begin to see active posts on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for Bard & Baker by either clicking on the links or by searching us @bardandbaker

Speaking of, did you know that B&B is not only NOT the first board game café in the country, but it's not even the first one in the state? There are so many cities around the globe that you may be familiar with, but perhaps never knew had a board game café, such as: Los Angeles, Cleveland, Houston, Athens, Baltimore, Seattle, Manhattan, Utica, Hudson, Toronto, Calgary, Melbourne, Oxford, Beijing...and hundreds more!

Over the next few weeks we invite you to join us as we explore some of our favorite ones around the world, while we continue making progress on Bard & Baker. The board game café community is an incredibly friendly and supportive one. We reached out to many of them during the business planning stages of B&B to ask them questions about their board game library, kitchen size, staffing size, number of tables and seats, challenges and joys, etc, and they all happily provided us with very useful feedback to include in our business plan -- so, we are very excited to introduce you to many of them!

Have a favorite board game café that you absolutely want to see featured? Be sure to leave us a comment below to let us know!