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Mox Boarding House is one of the first board game cafés to open in the United States, founded in 2011 by brothers John and Damon Morris. It was created under the same family of businesses as the popular brand Card Kingdom.

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Now with two locations in Washington, one in Seattle and one in Bellevue, Mox expertly fuses the board game café concept with retail game sales as well.

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They have ample space in each location that allows them to host various events and tournaments ranging from Magic: The Gathering, miniatures, RPG's and more -- you can even rent out one of their event rooms for fee for your private event.

Philanthropy is a core part of their brand, and in 2013 they started the ENGAGE program, which focuses on bringing support and awareness to local charities whose mission it is to improve education, fulfill basic human needs, or support their neighborhoods and communities.

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Each year they host an event called The Gauntlet, which is a day of games and giving at their Bellevue location. They host competitions and tournaments to raise money for non-profits that directly affect their community. Since 2013, they have raised over $347,000 for charities!

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Their social media often features posts of pairing games with food and beverages on their menu or staff with some of their favorite games. They are an integral part of their community and work hard on cultivating these relationships.

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We have been following Mox for quite some time and while Bard & Baker will not have an extensive retailing section, we are consistently impressed by all they are accomplishing and hope to integrate some similar initiatives in our space as well.


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