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The three distinct pillars of The Hexagon Board Game Cafe are COFFEE, GAMES, & COMMUNITY. These three words are everywhere -- from their signs out front, to their website, to their social media posts. They live for these words, and it is evident in their actions.

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Hexagon all came to be when owners Kellie Ho and Randy Wong graduated from architecture school and struggled to find work in their design field. Many hours and late nights were devoted to playing Settlers of Catan, and that devotion continued when they moved to South Korea.

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This is where they were first introduced to the board game café concept. Board games, a great cup of tea or glass of wine...what could be better? So, upon their return to Canada, they wanted to bring that special, social experience back home.

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Four years later, they opened Hexagon in 2014 with about 400 games to start. They now have grown their library exponentially and have a second location as of last year(!) -- one in Calgary, and the other in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Staff are often featured on their social media showcasing their favorite games, and they frequently post new titles that they are adding to their library. They hold 'Monday Meetups' where, if you don't have a gaming group but are looking for one, you can come solo to the café and meet new people who like to play similar games as you.

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With Fratello Coffee Roasters providing the coffee for their beautiful lattes, cool craft beer, and small batch wines, Hexagon really has created a special place to be their community's home away from home.

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Be sure to follow them on Facebook at The Hexagon Board Game Cafe, Instagram at @thehexcafe and on Twitter at @thehexcafe for more news and featured games, and check out their website at

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