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the uncommons board game cafe board game wall selection

The Uncommons is Manhattan's first board game café, proudly located in Greenwich Village, in a historical village, right on the NYU campus and just a block from Washington Square Park.

the uncommons board game cafe interior cafe space


Inspired by the widely popular Snakes & Lattes, who we have covered as well(!), they opened their doors to the public in 2013 after the launch of a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

the uncommons board game cafe front entrance of space


The Uncommons tables are always packed, no matter the time of day or day of the week, and if you are going on a weekend or holiday, they often have upwards of a 2 hour wait for a table. Their location has been paramount to their success and they utilize their space so effectively as to make use of every square foot possible.

the uncommons board game cafe guests playing games at table

We first visited them over a year ago when we began researching for Bard & Baker and instantly loved the wall of games stacked from the floor to the ceiling, begging to be played. There is even a separate section of the wall dedicated to retail games for purchase.

the uncommons board game cafe chai latte pairing with cross talk board game


They regularly host demo nights by local and traveling game designers featuring their new games, and often post on social media about new games they get in house.

the uncommons board game cafe firestone walker pilsner beer and board games



Their food menu is more geared towards light snacks and their beverage program is largely focused around their espresso machine, which is constantly churning out drinks. If you're in the mood for something to add a little more fun to game night, they have wine and beers available for purchase as well.

the uncommons board game cafe board game wall selection

We love visiting The Uncommons to try out new games and enjoy one of their game themed lattes each time we are down in the city -- it is only a two and half train ride from where we are located in Troy!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more news and featured games, and check out their website.

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