Our Mission

Bard & Baker is the Capital District's first board game café, featuring over 600 titles, encouraging our guests and community, in our ever encompassing technologically-driven society, to unplug and play through the world of games.

We are a inclusivity & hospitality focused safe space dedicated to serving our community & planet.


how we serve our planet

As food & beverage industry veterans, we were all too familiar with the large carbon footprint & high food waste that typical restaurants have. Dedicated to decreasing our footprint & making us a more sustainable business, we purchased energy efficient equipment, & feature all compostable & biodegradable service wares from World Centric & Good Start Packaging. Even our stickers adorning our compostable cups are biodegradable, sustainably sourced from & created by Elevate Packaging. While it costs more than the plastic alternatives out there, our planet is important to us, & we want to do our part in preserving it.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.
— George Bernard Shaw


Charlotte Guyton_Bard & Baker_Headshot.jpg

CHARLOTTE GUYTON is the Owner and General Manager of Bard & Baker. Charlotte is classically trained in hospitality, studying at Paul Smiths College in the Adirondacks, and has been managing food and beverage establishments for the past 10 years. Most recently, Charlotte was the General Manager of Restaurants of Clark House Hospitality, in downtown Troy, NY, managing front of house operations for the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar, Peck's Arcade (OpenTable's Top 100 Restaurants in America 2016), little pecks: all day café, The Tavern Bar, and Donna's Italian Restaurant. 

Bryan Connor_Bio Photo.jpg

BRYAN CONNOR is the Head Chef of Bard & Baker. Bryan is a classically trained pastry chef and publicized author of MOTHER's Cookbook, an EarthBound-inspired video game food cookbook, funded through Kickstarter. Bryan previously was the Pastry Sous Chef at Clark House Hospitality, crafting desserts for the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery & Wine Bar, Peck's Arcade (OpenTable's Top 100 Restaurants in America 2016), and little pecks: all day café. He also runs a food blog, called Lvl.1 Chef, creating real life recipes from popular video games.