board game and meeples set up for play

How It Works

For only $5.00 per person, you gain access to our extensive board game library of over 600 titles, for unlimited play of that day, during our hours of operation. You can play as many games as you like, for as long as you'd like!

Simply grab a table and then check in at the front counter when you arrive. We are counter service instead of full table service, so you will order all food and drinks at the front counter and have them dropped off to you wherever you end up.

Have questions on our games? We have a knowledgable front of house staff who has played many of the games and would more than happy to assist you with recommendations, navigating the library, or clarifying rules and game play — they love to help, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Why is there a fee?

The $5.00 cover charge is put towards reinforcing our board games to make them sturdy enough for a board game café. Many of these games are meant to be played 2-4 times per year, not the 10-12 times per day that they get played in the café environment. Playing boards are varnish sprayed to protect them from moisture and spills, cards are sleeved to protect them from spills and tears, rule pages are laminated to make them last longer, boxes are reinforced to protect the games themselves, while replacement pieces are constantly purchased and kept on hand to replace pieces which regularly go missing or become damaged from play time. The cover charge also allows us to buy replacement games that are worn out, and gives us the ability to constantly grow our library with new and exciting titles.